How to use this app?

Please read the in-app help and operating instructions carefully.

Once you are done reading, try the following settings.
In Active Keep Alive Settings
– turn off Reset on Failure if you are getting too many resets
– adjust Ping Interval and experiment various intervals to find what works best for your network.
– turn on refresh radio if restarting your device helps

In Active Reconnect Settings
– Increase Wait Time (if and only if reconnection is taking too many attempts to reconnect)
– Turn on radio reset if restarting the device helps

If you are sure that there is 3G/4G coverage in your area, go to your phone settings -> mobile networks and set it to WCDMA/LTE only (or similar setting) to lock your phone to 3G/4G network.

Keep Active Keep Alive and Active Reconnect activated.

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