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What is “root” and why do I need it?

“Root” is the most powerful user in the Linux operating system. Root has full access over the system. Android uses a Linux kernel and so the concept of root exists on Android devices. A phone is considered “rooted” when normal apps have the ability to raise their privilege levels to that of root.

Google has created new restriction starting Android 5.0, making connectivity settings inaccessible to apps. One workaround is to root the phone so that the app can access connectivity settings using root privileges. Other easier workaround is granting special permission using One-Time Setup wizard.

Without rooting you can continue to use Active Keep Alive. So if you do not have much disconnection issue, you don’t need the Active Reconnect anyway. Just use Active Keep Alive.

You can search the internet to find our more about rooting your android device. Best resources to root any android device are available at https://forum.xda-developers.com. Type in your device model to get started.
You can also try to root easily using this app: https://www.kingoapp.com. This method works primarily on older phones. Note that we are neither affiliated with nor endorse the linked website. Please use it at your own discretion.
Once rooted, you will be able to use Active Reconnect.

Active Keep Alive or Active Reconnect turns off by itself

This is caused due to low RAM or battery optimization. Android system kills processes when enough free RAM is not available for the app or game currently in use. Make sure that you have enough free RAM available at all times to keep the app process running. You can do so by restarting your device and turning off useless apps and services. You should remove unused apps from RAM by removing them from the recent apps list or task manager. In case the app’s service does get killed, simply open the app to restart it.

To disable battery optimization for the app, follow these steps:

For Samsung devices

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Select “Battery and device care”
  3. Tap on “Battery”
  4. Select “Background usage limits”
  5. Select “Never sleeping apps”
  6. Select “+” (top right corner)
  7. Select “Connection Stabilizer Booster” from the list of apps
  8. Select “Add”

 General steps for most devices

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Select “Apps”
  3. Search and tap on “Connection Stabilizer Booster”
  4. Select “Battery”
  5. Select “Unrestricted”

The exact steps may vary depending on your device. If you cannot find the listed settings, try to find a similar setting on your device.

How to tweak settings for better performance?

You just have to experiment with the Ping Interval (available in Active Keep Alive settings) and determine the relative boost in network performance. Lower ping intervals may result in better performance but consume more resources. So, while lower setting may give more boost, too low setting may in some cases, backfire. You have to strike out a balance. Make sure Active Keep Alive is activated. Good luck!

How to use this app?

Please read the in-app help and operating instructions carefully.

Once you are done reading, try the following settings.
In Active Keep Alive Settings
– turn off Reset on Failure if you are getting too many resets
– adjust Ping Interval and experiment various intervals to find what works best for your network.
– turn on refresh radio if restarting your device helps

In Active Reconnect Settings
– Increase Wait Time (if and only if reconnection is taking too many attempts to reconnect)
– Turn on radio reset if restarting the device helps

If you are sure that there is 3G/4G coverage in your area, go to your phone settings -> mobile networks and set it to WCDMA/LTE only (or similar setting) to lock your phone to 3G/4G network.

Keep Active Keep Alive and Active Reconnect activated.

I get disconnected or lose connection

If the app is resetting your connection too often, turn off Reset on Failure in Active Keep Alive settings. Active Keep Alive tries all that is possible to prevent connection drops, but sometimes drops can be inevitable depending on your service provider. You should keep Active Reconnect activated to quickly reconnect in case of any inevitable drops. If reconnection is taking too many attempts, try turning on Refresh Radio option or increasing the Wait Time in settings.

Ping Failed

“Ping failed” means that the app cannot reach the internet. Are ALL you pings failing? If no, it’s ok and you don’t need to do anything. If yes, something might be blocking the connection. Are you behind a firewall or proxy server? Make sure that you have full unrestricted internet access. If the problem persists, it might be possible that ICMP traffic is being blocked on your network for some reason. In this case you must switch to HTTP ping from settings. This setting is available under advanced settings in Active Keep Alive settings.

How do I establish data connection using the app?

To connect just activate Active Keep Alive and press OK when prompted. You can also press Force Connect button. Make sure that you have correct APN settings and an active internet subscription. You may also try restarting your device or adjusting Wait Time in Active Reconnect settings. In case restarting the device helps, you should try Reset Radio and Refresh Radio options in settings which can solve your problem automatically without restarting the device. If the app is resetting your connection too often, turn off Reset on Failure in Active Keep Alive settings.

Why did I lose cell signal?

The app is primarily for stabilizing and boosting the mobile data connection and WiFi, not cell signal. However, the app can indirectly help your device get the best possible signal by facilitating the selection of the cell tower which has the highest signal strength. It cannot give you a signal when there is none in range. Some signal must be physically present for the app to work. As you can understand, this app is doing its work on the software level, whereas whether or not a signal physically reaches your device is a purely physical phenomenon and cannot be controlled by any software on your device. If you are in the middle of nowhere and the radio waves from the cell tower cannot physically reach you, the app cannot help you. But whenever there is some signal, the app can help select the best signal, optimize its performance, and hold on to it.

Why didn’t my signal improve?

The app is for keeping the mobile data connected and boosting the network performance and internet speed. It tries to get you the best signal by searching for and selecting the best tower which has highest signal strength, but it can only give you the best signal that is actually available at a given time and location. You may not always see a drastic increase in signal if there is no better signal available, but the performance with the best available signal is always being optimized by the app.

What is ping?

A ping is a tiny signal with travels back and forth between your device and your internet service provider. It keeps the connection active by preventing timeouts. It also provides valuable information about the connectivity status upon which the app can base its decision and apply other tweaks and tricks to stabilize and boost to the connection.

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