What is “root” and why do I need it?

“Root” is the most powerful user in the Linux operating system. Root has full access over the system. Android uses a Linux kernel and so the concept of root exists on Android devices. A phone is considered “rooted” when normal apps have the ability to raise their privilege levels to that of root.

Google has created new restriction starting Android 5.0, making connectivity settings inaccessible to apps. One workaround is to root the phone so that the app can access connectivity settings using root privileges. Other easier workaround is granting special permission using One-Time Setup wizard.

Without rooting you can continue to use Active Keep Alive. So if you do not have much disconnection issue, you don’t need the Active Reconnect anyway. Just use Active Keep Alive.

You can search the internet to find our more about rooting your android device. Best resources to root any android device are available at https://forum.xda-developers.com. Type in your device model to get started.
You can also try to root easily using this app: https://www.kingoapp.com. This method works primarily on older phones. Note that we are neither affiliated with nor endorse the linked website. Please use it at your own discretion.
Once rooted, you will be able to use Active Reconnect.

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